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Who will provide the vending machine?

Empire Vending will provide and install all required vending equipment.  The only thing a customer must provide is the necessary electrical outlets.

Who will provide the products?

Empire Vending will provide all the products for machines we have placed.  Our trucks are fully stocked with many name brand snacks, beverages, fresh food items, etc. from a wide variety of distributors in order to meet the needs of your employees.

Is there and kind of monthly fee?

Our machines and services are provided without any monthly fees.

We are a very large company and want to provide snacks, drinks and food to our employees at a discount.  How do we do this?

Empire Vending offers a subsidy program through which a customer can set the price charged to its employees and pay Empire Vending the difference on a monthly basis.  Discounts on subsidized accounts are offered based on number of employees, amount of subsidy, and payment options.

How does the machine get restocked?

Our drivers are trained in proper stocking and maintenance methods for all machines we supply.  They will take care of all routine vending needs for your location.

How can we, the customer, get the products that we prefer to have?

Your request can be called into the office and our drivers are always open to customers suggestions.  Requested products will be supplied whenever possible and the ability to order unique products will always be investigated.

How do we get problems taken care of?

We offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week, service number.  During business hours, it is our goal to have a technician at your location within 2 hours of receiving notification of a problem.

Who can we contact after hours?

Our after hours answering service is available for calls between 5 pm and 8 am as well as on weekends and holidays.  The technician assigned to handle emergency calls, will personally answer your call to answer questions or to come out and service your machine. 

How often will our machines be serviced?

We believe our vending machines should always have a full selection of products.  We will, therefore, schedule regular service at your location in order to maintain this variety.  Service schedules are regularly evaluated so as to maintain a level of service based on your needs, whether this means returning to a machine twice in a day or once each week.

What if our company does not have 30 or more employees?

We can offer companies of fewer than 30 employees cold beverage service, or would be glad to refer you to another vendor who may be able to meet your needs.

What if we don't have an inside location suitable for the machines we'd like?

All of our equipment must be located in secure locations to minimize the chance of vandalism.  If the necessary room or power is not available, we can work with you to determine what other location may be suitable for the machine(s) most desired.